Masters Rowing

CLRC offers a wide variety of rowing opportunities for adults. From Learn To Row programs for the non rower to plenty of facilities for the hard core racer and everything in between. As a member of the club you can take part in the various programs that we have available.

Learn to Row

For the non-rower, our Learn To Row classes allow you to learn in a group setting. When you are finished with the class, your entire group become members so the recent grads can keep rowing together while mixing in with some of the experienced members.


We strive to provide equipment for all types of rowers. We have boats that are more than competitive enough to do well racing, along with equipment that is more stable for the beginning rower. In the off season or when the weather keeps you off the lake, the club has an indoor faculty at Crossfit North Wall (842 Main St in Crystal Lake). Our training area is stocked with Concept 2 ergometers (rowing machines). Our members have 24/7 access to all of these facilities and equipment.

Open Rows

We schedule these rows using an online calendar. If you would like to participate, just acknowledge the invite and the calendar builds a list of who is coming; you sort out the boats when you get to the lake that day. These are usually just friendly rows that provide you with a chance to meet other members and get a workout in. If you have a crew that wants to row together or practice for a race, you have the ability to reserve equipment, giving your crew the chance to practice with the same equipment that you are planning on racing.

Stay in Shape

If you are not a rower but looking for a fun way to stay in shape, the rowing stroke employs a percentage of your body’s muscle mass that is probably unrivaled by any other physical activity. Now that does not mean that you need to be in great shape to row. What it does mean, is if you do row, you will eventually end up in great shape. Rowing is a zero impact sport, very easy on the joints, so if you are tired of the lower body issues associated with running, you might want to give rowing a try.

Boat Storage

If you own your own boat we provide rack space in our boat house, based on availability (a fee is required).

Social Atmosphere

As with any club, there is a social side to our organization. We hold various social events throughout the year so our members and their families can gather and get to know one another better.