Rowing Facilities

CLRC has both a rowing center on Crystal Lake as well as an indoor training facility housed at CrossFit StormFront.

Kamijima Rowing Center

The Rowing Center was built in 2005 at Kamijima park. It is on the west end of the lake next to the Lakewood town hall. The center can hold 4 eights, 4 fours, and six doubles or singles. The coach’s launch is also stored in the center when not in use. In January of 2009, a roof was added and the center is now officially known as the Kamijima Boat House.

The boat house is open from March (when the docks are put in), until late November (docks are pulled). You can row anytime, however it is recommended to row outside of wake times between Memorial day and Labor day.

The club has two docks, a main dock and an auxiliary dock. The main dock will always be at Kamijima park. The auxiliary dock may be down at Main beach if there is a scrimmage or regatta on the lake.

There are plenty of spaces at the West Beach parking lot or in front of the Lakewood town hall (during non-business hours)

CrossFit StormFront Indoor Rowing Center

Crystal Lake Rowing Club partners with CrossFit North Wall to house our indoor training facility. The facility, located at 824 South Main Street in Crystal Lake, serves as a work-out center during the winter months and days with bad weather.

The Club has 12 Concept 2 rowing machines in the Rowing Center that are available to members 24/7. Members also have access the other training facilities that CrossFit North Wall has to offer as well as discounts on CrossFit classes.

The Juniors team holds practices as the CrossFit Indoor Rowing Center durirng the winter season, and in early spring until they are able to be out on the water. The Masters have group erging sessions on Saturday mornings during the winter season.